Sunday, June 26, 2022

Week 12 - Family Tree and Daily Routines

Unit 5 Online workbook is due today before class!

This week's homework is Unit 6 Online Workbook; due next Wed.!

Interchange INTRO, Unit 6: I ride my bike to school. p. 36

Questions: How do you get to school? How do you get to your part-time job?

[2] Conversation: They use public transportation (p. 36)

audio πŸ”Š / backup audio πŸ”Š

[3] Word Power: Family members (p. 37)

Kevin's Family Tree

Useful family words:
brother - sister - mother - father - parents - grandparents - grandmother - grandfather - aunt - uncle - cousin - daughter - son - niece - nephew - husband - wife -

A: Who is ___ ? B: He's your ____ .
A: Who is ___ ? B: She's your ____ .

Learning Chocolate
   Family Tree 1
   Family Tree 2

Questions for your partner:

  1. What’s your mother’s name? Father’s name?
  2. How old is she? How old is he?
  3. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
  4. Do you have any uncles or aunts? (Yes, I have an uncle on my father’s side.)
  5. Do you have a pet?
  6. Do your grandparents live near you?
  7. Do you look like anyone in your family? (look like = resemble; 似ている)

Answer in complete sentences!  Ex: My father's name is Hiroshi. He is about 48 years old. People say I look like my father.

[4] Grammar Focus: simple present statements (p. 37)

Please do part A (p. 37) and part B (p. 38) in your textbook.

[6] Conversation - What time do you get up? p. 38
audio πŸ”Š / backup audio πŸ”Š

Review: What's the time? (not digital time, please)

[7] Grammar Focus, p. 39

Pair Work - Kevin will give you handouts

[8] Listening - Kayla's weekly routine, p. 40
audio πŸ”Š / backup audio πŸ”Š

"Do often" vs "Doing now"

Present Continuous vs Present Simple practice. Do now! 
Period 3 only  // Period 4 only
You must do this!

July 6 Unit 6 homework due; we will review for the quiz
July 13 Quiz #2 one-to-one speaking quiz in the classroom
July 21 Unit 7 homework due; Xreading homework due

To Do List
1) Present Continuous vs Present Simple practice above (red arrow)
2) Unit 6 Online Workbook, due July 6
3) Xreading if you haven't finished yet (only 3 weeks left!)

Speaking Quiz #2 will be July 13 (in 2 weeks)!

Friday, June 24, 2022

Unit 4 Online Workbook Scores

Unit 4 online workbook was due June 22.

                                     LB22031 = 0

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Last week's form - What are you wearing? video and questions

Last week you did a form in class:

Everyone who attended did it. That's good. However ...

1) I asked you to write sentences. For example:

He's wearing a gray striped suit, a brown tie and black shoes. 

      or ...

She has a blue backpack. (or) Her backpack is blue.

2) "He wearing ..." is not correct. It must be "He's wearing ..." or "He is wearing ...".

3) There should be a space between words. Not "He's wearing black suit,tie,shoes." X

4) The man was wearing a suit, not a swimsuit. And "suit" has no 's' at the end.

5) The color below is black, not 'brack'.


Week 11 - What time is it?

Announcement: TOEIC IP sign-up deadline is today, June 22!

Did you do Unit 4 Online Workbook? It's due today before class.

Unit 5 Online Workbook is due next Wednesday before class. (June 29).

Last week we talked about clothes. So what are you wearing now? Write your answer on the Padlet. If you would add a selfie, I would be so happy!

Do this now while you're waiting!

Interchange INTRO: Unit 5, p. 30
[8] Conversation: It's two o'clock in the morning!   audio πŸ”Š / backup audio πŸ”Š

[3] Grammar Focus

[4] Listening: What time is it in Tokyo?   audio πŸ”Š / backup audio πŸ”Š

How do you say 10:30 in Japanese?

Half & Quarter

Telling time is easy, right? What time is it below?

 It's 10:15 (ten fifteen).

That's the digital style, which is pretty common nowadays.

But what if you ask someone the time and they say, "It's quarter past ten." Can you understand them? Actually, this is a very common way to say the time in English, especially among older people.

Here are some more examples:

It's half past ten. (Actually, this is not so different from the Japanese way, 'εζ™‚εŠ '.)

It's quarter to one.

It's ten after ten.


It's ten past ten.

It's ten to two.

Can you understand the following times?

It's five (minutes) after three.   * 'after' or 'past'; both are OK
It's ten (minutes) past four.
It's quarter past two.  (or)  It's quarter after two.
It's twenty (minutes) after seven.
It's twenty-five (minutes) past one.
It's half past nine.  **We DON'T say 'half after'!
It's twenty-five (minutes) to six.
It's twenty (minutes) to eleven.
It's quarter to eight.
It's ten (minutes) to twelve.
It's five (minutes) to one.

Teaching clock (for Kevin):

Learning Chocolate - What time is it? (Match Up 2 and Match Up 3 are the most important!)

This clock site is great for practicing analog time telling. Choose levels 3 and 4.
Telling the time in words

More time-telling games:

Interchange INTRO, p. 32
[5] Conversation: What are you doing?  audio πŸ”Š / backup audio πŸ”Š

[6] Pronunciation: Rising and falling intonation (p. 32)  audio πŸ•ͺ

[7] Grammar Focus: Present Continuous - Wh-questions (p. 33)

[8] Word Power: What are they doing? (p. 34)

Slideshow: What are you doing now?

With a partner; What's wrong with this picture? p. 119. Use '-ing' in your answer!

To Do List

1) Tell us what you're wearing on Padlet (if you didn't do this earlier)
Telling the time in words: play until you can do all!
3) Homework: Unit 5 Online Workbook
4) Finish your Xreading assignment before July 20!

Speaking Quiz #2 will be July 13! (in 3 weeks!)

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Week 10 - Is this coat yours? (Unit 4)

Homework C - Comparisons is due today before class.

Unit 4, p. 22

[2] Speaking - Colors

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Learning Chocolate - Clothes   Colors & Clothes

[4] Conversation: Whose jeans are these?, p. 23  audio πŸ”Š / backup audio πŸ”Š

my / mine
This is my coat. It's mine.
This is your jacket. It's yours.
This is his dog. It's his.
This is her pen. It's hers.
This is our classroom. It's ours.
This is their house. It's theirs.

[5] Grammar Focus, p. 24

[6] Listening: Her sneakers are purple. p. 24  audio πŸ”Š / backup audio πŸ”Š

What is he wearing?

He's wearing a dark blue jacket. He's wearing dark blue pants. He's wearing red socks. He's wearing black and white shoes.

What is she wearing?

What is he wearing?

What are they wearing?

How about these people?

What are they wearing?   

Interchange INTRO, p. 25
[8] Conversation: Are you wearing your gloves?  audio πŸ”Š / backup audio πŸ”Š

[9] Grammar Focus, p. 26

Fill in the blanks in Part A.

What are you wearing? video

1) What is the black-haired businessman wearing? _______________________ (3)
2) What color is his briefcase? 
3) Is it new? yes / no 
4) What is Jasmine (the girl on the right) wearing? _______________________ (4)
5) What is Megan (the girl on the left) wearing? _______________________ (3)
6) Megan is not wearing her blue sweater now.  True / False
7) What color is Jasmine's backpack? _______________________
8) What color is Megan's backpack? ____________________
9) What is Sheila (the mother) wearing? _______________________ (6)
10) What is Julie (the baby) wearing? _______________________ (3)
11) What is Jamal wearing? _______________________ (2)
12) Where is Jamal's jacket?  a) He's wearing it.  b) A confused man has it.
* The number in () tells you how many things each person is wearing (based on the audio).

Answer on the form!  Period 3 only  //  Period 4 only

Present Continuous - yes/no questions

How about you? What are you wearing today? And p. 116; what are they wearing?

[10] Listening: You look great in pink. p. 27  audio πŸ”Š / backup audio πŸ”Š

Units 3-4 Progress Check, p. 28

To Do List
1) Do the online form for the What are you wearing? video in class.
2) Unit 4 online workbook, due next week, June 22, before class
3) Did you finish the Xreading homework? Only a few weeks left!