Sunday, October 14, 2018

Week 20 - Occupations

Presentations are NEXT WEEK; many people need to do more research
   a. Try to remember
   b. Must have eye contact
   c. Only reading will get a low grade
   d. Some people need to add more information; check my notes and do research!

Learning Chocolate
Jobs In My Community
Technical Workers
Occupations 3

If you have time, more jobs ...

Occupations List for Bingo
barber / hair stylist
bus driver
computer programmer
cook / chef
front-desk clerk
janitor / custodian
news reporter
office manager
police officer
security guard
server / waiter
welder online dictionary

What do you do?  vs  What are you doing?

What do you do? = What is your occupation? (student, teacher, waiter, store clerk, etc.)
What are you doing? = What activity are you doing now?

For Jobs & Occupations Pairwork

What does Reuben do?   He's a baker.
Where does he work?     He works at a bakery.
When does he work?      He works Monday to Saturday from 5:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Does he like his job?      Yes. It's great.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Week 19 - Famous People Now and in History

Talking About Famous People GroupworkThe purpose of this speaking activity is to:
a) practice speaking about a famous person
b) practice listening to classmates talk about a famous person
* This activity is similar to your presentation, but today you can tell who the famous person is immediately. When you do your presentation (in two weeks), however, you will not say the person's name until after the presentation.
** The video below is similar to what you will say today in the groupwork.
Famous Person Dialog

Questions to ask:
Who is your famous person?
Where was he/she born?
When was she/he born?
What is he/she famous for?
What are some of her/his famous songs? (Swift & Presley only)
What are some of his/her achievements? (King & Tani only)
Can you tell me anything else about him/her?
Is she/he still alive?

Do you know who Elvis Presley is? He was the most famous rock star of the 1950s!
Elvis Presley music video

Take these two online quizzes about famous people.
Quiz Magic - Identify World Famous Personalities (Hint: Click on the big red start button)
Purpose Games - Famous People from History (Hint: Press  Start (white triangle) in the center)

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Week 18 - Heroies Presentation Assigned

Heroes Presentation (this is different from 20 Questions game)

On Oct. 24, you will give a presentation about a person you admire. You will not say the person's name, and students in the class will try to guess who it is.

By Oct. 10 (next week), you must submit a paragraph about your famous person. An example is below:

To prepare, you need to answer the questions in the boxes on your handout.  You need to research. Be sure to spell all English words and names correctly. No katakana words! Don't just imagine the spelling; look it up!

Next, you need to write a paragraph based on the notes from your handout. Your paragraph will look something like the paragraph below. Notice the use of the simple past tense.

I was born in 1940 in Liverpool, England. I was a singer, songwriter, guitar player, pianist, writer, artist, actor and peace activist. I was a member of the most famous rock band in the world, the Beatles. I wrote many famous songs, including "Help!" and "Strawberry Fields." As a solo artist, I wrote the famous song, "Imagine." I was married to a Japanese woman named Yoko Ono. I had two sons. I was killed by a fan in 1980 in New York when I was 40 years old. Who am I?

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Week 18 - Twenty Questions Game

20 Questions Game
Think of a famous person. Students in your group must ask yes/no questions to try and guess who it is.

Is your famous person a man?                          Yes

Is he alive?


Is he an athlete? 
Is he an artist?
Is he Japanese?
Does he play baseball?
Does he live in Kanagawa?

Was he an athlete? 
Was he an artist?
Was he Japanese?
Did he play baseball?
Did he live in Kangagawa?

Is your famous person a man?                          No

Is she alive?


Is she an athlete? 
Is she an artist?
Is she Japanese?
Is she a figure skater?
Does she live in Kanagawa?

Was she an athlete? 
Was she an artist?
Was she Japanese?
Was she a figure skater?
Did she live in Kanagawa?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Week 17 - Talking About the Past

Look at the example conversations below. Except for the first sentence, the verbs are in the simple past tense (過去形).

Conversation 1
A: I'll talk about an unlucky day.
B: OK.
A: Last Wednesday, I was late for school.
B: Oh, no! Were you late for class?
A: Yes, I was late for Oral II class.
B: That's too bad. What happened?
A: I missed a quiz and I failed the class.
B: Oh, that's terrible!

Conversation 2
B: I'll talk about a lucky day.
A: OK.
B: Last year, I saw a cute girl on the train.
A: Really? Did you talk to her?
B: No, I just went to school like usual.
A: OK, so why was it a lucky day?
B: Because she was in my English class!

Make 2 conversations like the above. Use the handouts Kevin gives you for ideas.

Next step ...
Choose 1 conversation and practice it. Be ready to perform it in class!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Week 16 - Did you do anything interesting this summer?

Welcome back!

Did you do anything interesting this summer?

Student A:  Hi! Did you do anything interesting this summer?
Student B:  Yes, I had a barbecue with some high school friends.
Student A:  Sounds nice!
Student B:  How about you? Did you do anything interesting this

Student A:  Not really. I worked at a convenience store all summer.
                   I didn't have much free time.

Student B:  Oh, that's too bad.

Online Past Tense Exercises
In the next unit, we will be working on the simple past tense (worked, played, ate, slept, etc.).

Here are links to some online exercises that review the simple past tense:
1)  My English pages - Simple Past Tense
2)  EnglishClub - Past Simple Quiz 
3)  Playing Football with various verb forms

Fall Schedule - Oral Communication IIB

Oral Com. II B

16. Sept. 19    Summer; Policies; Homework 14 (Workbook Unit 14); Hmwk X
17. Sept. 26    Homework 14 due ↩; Homework 15 (Unit 15 Workbook)
18. Oct. 3       Presentation assigned; Homework 15 due ↩
19. Oct. 10     Presentation paragraph due (4 pts); Homework 8 (Workbook Unit 8)
20. Oct. 17     Presentation paragraph returned; Homework 8 due ↩
21. Oct. 24     Graded Activity #1b (Presentation)  (3 pts + 4 pts from 10/10)
22. Oct. 31     Heroes Quiz (3 pts); Homework 13 (Workbook Unit 13)
23. Nov. 7       Homework 13 due ↩   
24. Nov. 14     Homework 9 (Workbook Unit 9)
25. Nov. 21     Homework 9 due ↩; Homework 10 (Workbook Unit 10)
26. Nov. 28     Homework 10 due ↩; Homework 12 (Workbook Unit 12)
27. Dec. 5      Homework 12 due ↩;Homework 11 (Workbook Unit 11)
28. Dec. 12    Review for quiz #2b; Homework 11 due ↩
29. Dec. 19    Quiz #2b (10 pts);
✪ Winter Break – Dec. 26 (no class; 補講日) & Jan. 2
30. Jan. 9       Text Unit 16; Homework X due ↩                 

5 absences = FAIL; 3-4 absences = probably FAIL

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Spring Semester Grades - Oral Communication II (Kevin)

S - 4 people
A - 17 people
B - 9 people
C - 15 people
D - 16 people

Students received D grades because of absences, homework not done, missed quizzes or poor quiz grades. To pass, you must get 60 points. Every absence = -4 pts. Every missed quiz = -10 pts. Every missed homework = -2 pts. Also every late (遅刻) = - 2 pts.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Week 15 - Summer Plans

First, a short question/answer activity with a partner. (in textbook)

Next, summer plans dialog.

Image removed by KM

A: What are you planning to do during the vacation?
B: I'm not sure. I'll probably visit _______________ . How about you?  (Who will you visit?)
A: Me? Well, actually I'm going to ________________ .  (Where will you go?)
B: Wow! For how long?
A: For _______________ .  (How long will you be there? Two days? A week? Three weeks?)
B: Really? What are you going to do there?
A: I plan to ________ and ____________ .  (Two activities)
B: ________ ? Cool.  (Repeat one of the activities.)

Please remember the conversation!

Quiz Scores Spring 2018

Homework C was here.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Week 14 - Quiz #2 Today

Quiz #2 today!

Kevin will interview you one by one. You have a preparation handout, so you should know what is on the quiz.

To do ...
1) Practice for the quiz alone or with a partner (quietly) for no more than 10 minutes.
2) Do the Self-study for Unit 7.
3) Try one or more of these crossword puzzles:
If you have done those things, you may leave the classroom and go home or to your next class.

Don't forget to read 2 books before July 18 and take the Xreading quizzes.

July 18 is the last class of Spring. See you next Wednesday!

3rd Period; B Group
Ryousuke Kanda
Amane Kanno
Ittetsu Kanno
Hanarou Kikuchi
Taku Kurata
Shuuhei Saitou
Yuuto Saitou
Kouki Sakai
Shumpei Satou
Takumi Satou
Tomoya Satou
Kaede Sampei
Mai Shiozawa
Yuuka Shimura
Hito Shirayoshi
Ayumi Shinsaeda
Haruka Suzuki
Kouta Akasu
Takumi Sudo
Shun Sogabe
Daisuke Hayashi
Yuma Mitsumata
Sho Harada
Momoka Katou
Mako Katouno
Shunji Kanazawa
Shouta Kaneko
Masaru Kawasaki
Shun Kanda
Yuuto Kanda
4th Period; C Group
Norika Tanaka
Yuuto Tanaka
Ayaka Chiba
Kaiken Tsurumaki
Yuuri Toda
Haruka Toriumi
Kazuya Nagata
Ayaka Nakamura
Haruka Nakamura
Ryuuji Namba
Hiroto Nishikata
Kouki Noguchi
Fumiya Noguchi
Tatsuya Nozaki
Shuri Norimura
Ryuuichi Hashimoto
Minami Pasteneperus
Shunsuke Seki
Yumito Someya
Miho Takaku
Akane Takezawa
Ruka Takebayashi
Kaito Tanaka
Daiki Tanaka

Failed Students (stopped coming to class):
3rd Per: AK, MK, YI, YY, YM
4th Per: YN, AN, KK

Many absences (3 or more):
3rd Per: SK, YS, AS, HS, KA, DH
4th Per: DT, YT, HN, MP

Absent Quiz #1:
3rd Per: HK, YS, AS
4th Per: HN, MP

Poor Homework (missed 4 or more):
3rd Per: MK, IK, HK, SS, YS, TS, KS, YS, HS, DH, SH
4th Per: KT, DT, YT, HN

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Week 12 - Family Tree

Questions for Family Tree activity

What's your full name?
How old are you?
Where do you live?   I live in Kawasaki in Kanagawa.
                               I live in Ota, in Tokyo.

What's your mother's name?    My mother's name is ...
What's your father's name?      My father's name is ...

How old is your mother?      She's (about) 48 years old.
How old is your father?        He's (about) 52 years old.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?  Yes, I have a brother.
                                                       Yes, I have two sisters.
                                                       Yes, I have a sister and two brothers.
                                                        No, I'm an only child.
What's your brother's name?
What's your sister's name?

How old is your brother?        He's 22 years old.
How old are your sisters?       One is 11. The other is 13.

Do you have any uncles or aunts?
What's your uncle's name?
What's your aunt's name?
How old is he?       I don't know, but I think he's about 50.
How old is she?     I don't know, but she's probably about 45.

Do you have a grandmother?
What's her name?
How old is she?

Do you have a grandfather?
What's his name?
How old is he?

Do you have any pets?    Yes, I have a dog.
What's its name?     Her name is ...    or        His name is ...

Questions for pairwork (speaking task)

What does Bob do?

(This means 'What is his Bob's job?')

occupation = job

What time does he leave home?

What time does he get to work?

Where does he have lunch?

Who does he have lunch with?

What time does he get home?

What does he do in the evening?

clock for teachers